ProShop Services

The Bowler's Factory offers a variety of services. We pride ourselves on the standard of workmanship we offer for fitting, drilling, ball layouts, resurfacing, polishing & weighing.
As a professional & very technically advanced proshop we believe our margin should be made in the services we offer. Our prices are justified by the quality of our workmanship - we still believe in the old saying "You get what you pay for".

  • Drilling
    • Conventional (No Parts) $60.00
    • 2 Handed (With Parts) $70.00
    • Finger Tip (With Parts) $90.00

  • Full Plug and Redrill
    • Conventional (No Parts) $70.00
    • 2 Handed (With Parts) $80.00
    • Finger Tip (With Parts) $100.00

  • Copy My Specs

This is a service we offer for new customers who cannot physically make it to our ProShop. Simply ship us your ball and we’ll copy the specs to your new ball. While we are at it, we can replace the finger inserts, revive it and return the surface to box condition all for just $25.00 (normally valued at $60.00+). Further to that, we’ll take care of the return shipping costs.

  • Surface Factory Resurfacing
    • Resurface $20.00
    • Polish $5.00

  • Detox Oil Extraction
    • 1 Ball $30.00
    • 2 Balls $55.00
    • 3 Balls $70.00